Latest News Plugin for Joomla


multiple ways to select news articles (standard Joomla! or K2): by categories, tags, authors, date range, exclude/include specific articles, show related items (through keywords or tags matching), configure items with images from the article or calendar, link to articles from the title and/or read more links (in full page or popup), style items from a responsive-ready design, use a minimum width to limit how small an item can be when resized, crop and resize the pictures to fit the configuration (thumbnails can be stored in /images), style images with hover effects, limit the into text to be shown, add detailed information (author, hits, ratings, categories, date, time, keywords), format dates and times, add pagination, style buttons and pagination with Bootstrap, enjoy a clean, easy to understand user interface, cache the created on-the-fly stylesheets and scripts for faster loading...


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